ASSH 2020 Presentations and Posters:

ASSH 2020 – Reviews Correlate with Referrals

ASSH 2020 – Automation Accelerates Reviews

ASSH 2020 – Review Worth 900

    1. Acquire Online Reviews: Active vs. Passive Requests

    2. Online Ratings: Influence of Surgeon Factors

    3. Predicting Long Term Outcomes at 6 Weeks with PRO

    4. Efficacy of Automated Online PRO

    5. Easy Integration of an Opioid Reduction Protocol in a Hand Practice

    6. Yelp Reviews are Worth $1,000 to a Hand Surgeon

    7. Online Marketing is Moderate Value for Hand Surgeons

    8. Automation Accelerates Ratings

    9. Reviews Correlate with Referral Volume

Published Presentations
ASSH 2019: oCTR vs eCTR ASSH 2019
ASSH 2019: Opioid Reduction ASSH 2019
ASSH 2019: Yelp Review Value ASSH 2019


Pending Presentations:

ASSH 2020: Online Reviews Correlate with Referral Volume for Hand Surgeons

ASSH 2020: 5-Star Ratings are Worth $923 Each to a Hand Surgeon

ASSH 2020: Automation Accelerates Online Ratings

ASSH 2020: Increased Web Traffic Selectively Drives New Patient Visits