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Developed out of the need to collect 5-star reviews from happy patients, SurgiSurvey was designed by a small private-practice surgeon for his own use.  Friends and colleagues recognized its value and it has grown organically.

Trust in Numbers

Discover the impact of 5-star reviews on your practice through compelling statistics.

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Most patients seek information online; ensure they find a stellar reputation before stepping into your office.

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Each 5-star review isn't just positive feedback; it's a valuable asset, contributing $923 in new patient revenue.

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Experience up to an average increase of 1.3 stars and 18 new reviews within the first year of utilizing our services.

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Security track record, safeguarding sensitive information.

What We Offer

10 minute setup

Unchanged Work Flow

Generates 50+ reviews in 2 weeks

No Zooms, No EMR Integration

"Set it and Forget it" Mentality

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Meet the SurgiSurvey Team

Orrin Franko

Orrin Franko


Orrin Franko


Orrin Franko, MD is an upper-extremity fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon in private practice and the owner/founder of SurgiSurvey.  He graduated from Harvard Medical School and completed his residency training in orthopedic surgery at UC San Diego, followed by his hand fellowship at the Mary S. Stern Upper Extremity Fellowship in Cincinnati.  He currently practices in the San Francisco Bay Area at East Bay Hand Medical Center.  Dr. Franko has over 30 peer-reviewed publications, 100+ posters/abstracts and speaks at national conferences on the topics of physician online marketing, automated office efficiency, reputation management, and how to succeed in private practice.  SurgiSurvey was developed from his own needs as a practicing surgeon to grow his online reputation and improve his search engine ranking.