Online Reputation Management: The Perfect Side Hustle

 Dr. Franko is the Founder of, an automated marketing system designed to manage a practice’s online reputation by collecting 5-star Google and Yelp ratings.

Five-Star Reviews Generated Over $200K For My Practice

Within three months of implementing my new system, I was gaining reviews at a rate of three to 10 per month. Not only that, but they were all five-star reviews.

Why Negative Online Reviews Don’t Bother Me

I took control of my online reviews and completely alleviated my anxiety, fear, and angst associated with those pesky one-star reviews. 

The Upper Hand Podcast on Marketing: Chuck and Chris welcome Rob Gray and Orrin Frank‪o‬

 Chuck and Chris talk marketing in the 3 part of the series with Orrin Franko and Rob Gray


[PODCAST] How 5-star reviews generated over $225,000 in revenue

With my natural affinity for numbers, I analyzed the reviews’ precise impact after a few years, and the results were astounding.  The system generated over $225,000 during a 3-year period.

Nailed It Ortho Podcast: Entrepreneurship, Online Reputation, and an Intro into Private Practice w/ Dr. Franko

Listen to our episode on Entrepreneurship, Online Reputation, and an Intro into Private Practice as Dr. Franko gives us an excellent overview! Goal of episode: To develop a baseline knowledge on Entrepreneurship, Online Reputation, and an Intro into Private Practice.

The Ortho Talk Podcast

The Ortho Talk Podcast: Dr. Orrin Franko

This week we’re joined by Dr. Orrin Franko. Dr. Franko is a private hand surgeon in California. He is a strong advocate of small, private practice and his many interests include surgeon marketing and branding as well as research.

Automated Reporting of Patient Outcomes in Hand Surgery: A Pilot Study

Automated e-mail assessments can collect reliable clinical data, with minimal surgeon or staff intervention required to administer and collect data, minimizing the financial cost. For nonacademic practices, without access to additional research resources, such a system is feasible. Further improvements in communication with patients could increase response rates.


Patient Likelihood to Repeat Surgery After Highly “Successful” Hand Procedures

After undergoing routine hand procedures, a significant percentage of patients would choose not to repeat surgery. Hand surgeons can do better in setting clear and realistic preoperative expectations when counseling patients prior to even routine hand surgeries.