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Orrin Franko, MD is an upper-extremity fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeon (board eligible) in private practice in at East Bay Hand Medical Center.  Since 2009, Orrin has researched the role of mobile technology, such as apps, and their effect on the education and practice of orthopaedic surgeons.  He has numerous publications on the topic and founded  The idea for SurgiSurvey and CaseLogger developed during his fellowship training while preparing for his board examination case collection.  He has expanded the functionality of SurgiSurvey to include patient engagement and communication, online physician reviews, and development of a prospective national registry for hand surgery.



Ari Franko was born to configure iPads. Every since he was old enough to track objects, you could find Ari playing “bubble burst” or asking to have “iPad time.” Becoming a Junior iPad Configurator has always been a dream for Ari and he is excited to join the SurgiSurvey team!




“If Ari can do it, so can I!” is Asher’s motto. He would never let his big brother become a Junior iPad Configurator without being a part of the team. Thankfully, Asher has easily integrated into SurgiSurvey culture, quickly becoming one of the most committed and productive team members. We’re excited to have Asher on board!